Little Sprouts Montessori

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Have you ever witnessed a seed grow taller? I doubt so. In fact, you do not see anything happening for a while until a few days later; the first leaves can be seen pushing through the soil.

Nature’s growth is often imperceptible and without our knowing, our little ones have already reached another developmental milestone in a blink of an eye. In order to envisage a healthy growth that bears good fruits, we need to shower our Solid Seeds with adequate nutrients, love and care.

The solid seed


Children from 18 months to 3 years are welcomed to join The Solid Seeds programme. Primarily, we work towards developing self-esteem, independence and verbal skills under the guidance of our experienced and certified teachers. The children will also be taught to manipulate the
Montessori materials specifically designed for this age group. There is no doubt the children always have a whale of a time learning whilst interacting with their peers.

The Tender Buds


We welcome children of 4 years to join The Tender Buds programme. Given their curious and quick-to-learn nature, we aim to provide maximum learning in the “prepared environment” of our classroom. The children have easy access to the Montessori materials that are arranged sequentially on the shelves in order of increasing difficulty.

The Mighty Shoots


Children 5 years of age will join The Mighty Shoots programme. At this stage, we will start to prepare these children for more reading/word recognition activities which eventually lead to more writing tasks. While level of complexity increases gradually, our children are taught to persevere until they complete what they have started.

The Little Sprouts


This is a crucial stage where all 6-year-olds should be ready for formal education. We are proud to share that our little sprouts have been very well-equipped with a wealth of knowledge, a positive mind and spirit and well-sprinkled with the right values which will guide them along wherever they go.