Little Sprouts Montessori

Character First

At Little Sprouts, we place character building at the heart of our preschool education. While striving academically is essential, instilling the right values that will guide our preschoolers through life is our priority and commitment. Teaching values takes time and preschool age is definitely the best time to start inculcating moral values.

What is Character?

When we talk about character, we mean the inward values that determine outward actions; the mental model used for making decisions; the moral compass that guides your choices; who we are when no one else is watching.

About the Programme

The Character First Education programme was officially implemented in February 2018 and classes are conducted thrice weekly (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) from 9am to 9.30am & 12noon to 12.30pm for the afternoon session.

Character First is a programme that promotes timeless values and concepts that transcend social and cultural differences. The objective is to provide fun, engaging, positive and practical lessons that will help our children build the character and competence needed for life.

Below are the character qualities that we will be focusing on throughout the school year.