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We are excited that you are interested in finding out more about what we offer here. Our Montessori Programmes begin at 18 months through 6 years. We are a precise blend of the Montessori method and the thematic approach.

We offer a child-centred learning environment where our teachers guide and assist every child in discovering his true potential through challenging experiences to be completed uninterrupted. The programmes also promote a hands-on approach to learning which provides the children a visible, concrete foundation to learn all the necessary conceptual and abstract facts. Our low teacher-child ratios cater to optimal learning as well. We also believe in having a conducive learning environment; all our didactic materials are presented in a sequential manner in our classrooms that are brightly lit and well designed with ample space that Montessori referred to as “prepared environments”.

In addition, we use the thematic approach in our children’s learning whereby many areas of the curriculum are linked and integrated within a theme. Each theme lasts for 10 weeks (a term) and it is closely related to their living. The learning process aims to enhance and organize their knowledge on the subject. Following the thematic approach, we strive to give our children a more broad-based education to ensure their holistic development, in and out of the classroom. They will be given ample time and space to learn concepts and skills, practice them, and apply their new knowledge in relevant and engaging ways.

Henceforth, at Little Sprouts Montessori, it is our commitment to build a strong foundation for our children’s future learning and emerge from our programme as independent, self-directed, flexible thinkers and creative problem solvers whilst growing in wisdomstature and grace!

Our programmes

Have you ever witnessed a seed grow taller? I doubt so. In fact, you do not see anything happening for a while until a few days later; the first leaves can be seen pushing through the soil…

Our Curriculum

Our dynamic curriculum is based on core Montessori principles, enhanced and delivered by our experienced teachers and includes areas of Language, Math, Science, Cultural Studies, Art and Music & Movement…